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  • Daniel

    Wow. A print worthy 114-page brochure. If only all agents took the time to create something like that for all $10 million+ properties.

    The house has an admittedly confusing layout, but I love it.

    • Venom

      Why would I need a 144 page brochure? If I was a seriously interested party, I would just arrange a showing and go see the place. If you can afford a $36 million house, you probably have a jet, so a couple of calls, a few hours in the place and voila you are walking through the house. It is not like it is a regular listing competing with dozens if not hundreds of other houses and you need to make it stand out so people come see it and not go to the other houses.

      • Daniel

        The brochure would be for people like me who would like to have as much info and photos of a house as possible, even if they can’t afford it 😉

        • Venom

          I understand why you or I would want it, but there is no financial incentive to produce one for real potential buyers so why do it?

  • Sam

    Like I said before this house is too cluttered and complicated for a modern and this shows in the floor plans too.

    • Sam

      It really doesn’t feel like $36 million to me.

  • Erica

    I wish we can see more floor plans of homes in California.They are so beautiful.I really like this home and yes the brochure is great! this is a nice home.Floor plans are good too.

    • Marko

      You can always buy a book about an architect’s work. For example, there is a book with text by Stacie Stukin and photographs by Erhard Pffeifer New Classicists – Richard Manion Architectuere or Robert A.M. Stern: Buildings and Projects 2004-2009, which contains a section about Beny Alagem’s house, or a book dedicated solely to one house, such as Jerry and Margie Perenchio 875 Nîmes.

  • Grrrowler

    I still love it. The myriad of details (like the pivoting doors, that I adore) are what really make it, in my opinion. This is modern design that I appreciate, instead of just a white box.

    The brochure is great. I wish more agents did this more often for houses with eight-figure asking prices.

  • John

    whats the square footage on this house?

  • rob

    Brilliant home. I think the best modern we have had on this site. The attention to detail and siting is great. There are some things they do better in California than anywhere else and building on hillsides is one of them. I love the terracing here. The setting is perfect for this house. Even though it is in the middle of a crowded area it is extremely private. The views are perfect for a modern. I would hope this comes furnished as the staging really accents the best features of the house. I hope the cars are included to.

    • rob

      just noticed the little zen garden. Nice touch. And is the flying lady on the rolls royce headless or am I looking at it wrong.

  • Liman

    Please let me know who was the Architect of this mansion and also which company built it.

    Thank you, Liman


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