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  • Daniel

    The wood throughout makes this look all of its 24 years. Rooms look a tad too large too.

  • Grrrowler

    Looking at the exterior, I was expecting an interesting Arts and Crafts interior, but it ends up looking more DIY.

  • Mak

    I don’t care for the house so much but 300 contiguous acres in Fairfield County is quite a remarkable thing. It would make a great horse farm.

  • Eric

    22 Million for 300 acres for almost ANYWHERE in CT is a steal!

    The dark wood throughout the house is something I LOVE, it is such a wonderful change from the normal Blinding WHite we often get in these houses. The interior decoration is not TOO bad, and it looks like someone actually tried to decorate it with turn of the century pieces, that fits in the with the house itself, which looks like someones attempt to create a house that “sort of” looked like it was built in the early 1920’s.

    Rooms like the Library as well as the one Bedroom we see with all it’s built in shelves and cubbie holes, add ot the “feel” of a much older house.

    That said in terms of photos, we get ONE small pic of a bedroom and no bathrooms at all. I HATE it when a real estate company does that! You have 16,000 sq ft to sell us, you better darn well show us as much of the interior as possible!!

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