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  • Daniel

    Texas home looks promising. At least they have mature landscaping on the property and not some toothpicks that try and pass as trees. Florida home is lovely too…damn shame they had to bulldoze part of Vanderbilt’s Eastover to the north to make it fit (Damn you Veronica Hearst!).

    FL home is second one down:

  • tony

    His name is Don Adam, not Don Adams.

  • Jason

    I’ve never been to Bryan, but I don’t know why someone so wealthy would live there and not in Houston, Austin or San Antonio if they wanted to be in that area. I suppose if you’re wealthy enough and have all the properties scattered throughout the country like he has- location is not much of an issue. The house seems quite nice from above. Too bad Bryan is not on 45 headed to Houston or 35 headed to Austin or San Antonio- I might have stopped by.

  • Matt

    Bryan is collocated with College Station, Don is an Aggie, so I’m sure his reason is to be close to the university for games, etc.

  • Ken millionski

    He also owns the Largest Golf Course in the area.It is located adjacent to his Luxury Home.We are friends of some of the Children and Grandchildren.


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