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  • Eric

    Ok I have to say, I LOVE This house, or rather, I love ‘aspects’ of this house.
    The interior is full of wonderful warm colors and dark rich wood.
    The entrance goes into a smaller Foyer before it goes into the grand hallway.
    The flow of Kitchen to Living room to breakfast nook.
    The Rec room with the dark wood and the stone walled basement.
    And of course 5acres of thick wooded land around it.

    But, BUT, there are a few areas that just don’t “feel” right.
    The Master bathroom feels FAR too open with that huge circular window. If it was just the windows around the bathtub, that would have been fine. Also the style of fixtures and cabinets feels ‘strange’ The master bedroom ( I assume it is) also feels too small and crowded.

    Over all I really like aspects of this house, but not the whole thing.

  • Daniel

    Charming, if a little overwrought.

  • Chris Kohler

    I still don’t understand what “European” means in the context of architectural styles. When a house looks Spanish, it is called Spanish, when it looks French, Italian, English or Scandinavian or Mediterranean, people call it accordingly. What is “European” then? Is it code for German, because German is a dirty word and you can’t call a architectural style that way?

  • Hunter

    Beautiful home and estate, I’ve driven by it many times. Another outdoor feature you didn’t mention is the par 3 golf hole in the front yard, complete with three practice bunkers.

    • Hunter

      Sorry just noticed you mentioned the putting green, but its actually a real hole. In the first pic, you can see the tee box on the right side of the screen, near the driveway.

  • John Henry

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