A look at some Mansions – 63

 Mansion #1 – Pictures #1-4 - This huge mansion is under construction off of N Desert Broom Drive in Chandler, AZ.

Mansion #2 – Pictures #5-8 - This huge mansion is  located on N Yucca Road in Paradise Valley, AZ.

Mansion #3 – Pictures #9-12 - This huge mansion is located at 5910 Scenic Drive in Yakima, WA. It is owned by Al DeAtley, who is the former owner and chief executive officer of Superior Asphalt.

Mansion #4 – Pictures #13-16 - This huge mansion is located on Chemin Senneville in Senneville, Canada. It is owned by Lino Saputo, who is the billionaire founder and Chairman of Saputo Inc., one of the world’s largest dairy producing company. Forbes currently ranks him as the 6th richest Canadian, with a personal wealth of $4.3 billion.

*Thanks to HOTR reader Al for the last two tips!


  1. 3 reminds me of the former Vanderpump house in Beverly Park.

    • Lisa Vanderpump and Kenneth Todd bought the house from Sam and Rosette Delug. I think Lisa named it Villa Fleurie, though there’s a small chance the previous owners did that. But the name seems very Lisa.

      I wonder why Richard Landry never put it on his website or whether it’s in one of his books.

      If there are people around here who visit Beverly Park regularly, let us know what is Albert Avdolyan doing with the house!

    • I agree. It does. Nice observation.

  2. Here’s an article with some photos of the DeAtley residence. A bit outdated and gaudy IMHO.

    • Sweet! Thanks for the article Jdubble07. I knew the mansion was much bigger than Zillow listed it at!! Zillow listed the square footage at a mere 6,090 sq ft. I thought, NO WAY it’s only 6,090 sq ft!

      The mansion is okay looking on the inside. But nothing to write home about. :-)

  3. The first one looks pretty cool. It’ll be interesting to see when they finish it. Chandler is an interesting spot. I wonder if it’s because the might not be much more room in Paradise Valley?

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