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  • Scott

    Very interesting. Vaguely reminiscent of Stafford (Lancaster) House in London. I’m guessing Anna is European, based on the planning…..

  • Orlando2

    Perhaps I overlooked but I do not see an informal gathering place for a family or more than one staff room. Other than that I love it.

    • Annie

      I think, the staff should have its own separate cottage, located, for example, right in front of a garage annexe.

  • Annie

    Full resolution floor plans and some drawings are also available on

  • Eric


    thats how I will start this. At work right now and cannot really give it the full review I would like 🙂 Also Annie, Didn’t you submit a house earlier? the style of the CGI looks very familiar.

    Just giving it a quick glance, this has a very “Old World” feel to it, it looks like a mansion that could be at home along side “The Breakers”

    • Annie

      Yes, Eric, you’re right.)) In May, I submited a house here.

  • Teddi

    Annie, I liked your other mansion floor plan too, but I like this one better. The layout makes a lot more sense than a lot of the other mega mansions on the market. I’d still love to see a butler’s pantry and butler’s office, a first floor family room and informal dining room and living room.

    I know that estate homes usually have the ballroom upstairs, but I personally think that it’s better for all formal entertaining to be done on one floor, informal entertaining on another (terrace level) and living (bedrooms) on yet another. I would love to move your pool down a level and put the ballroom where the pool is. Or if that’s a faux pas, then I’d have it upstairs but off on it’s own wing, just like the pool wing.

    Awesome job. Thank you for sharing. I’m ma floorplan junkie. 😀

    • Eric

      As far as the pool ‘complex’ goes, I am of the same mind, I love that pool wing, But I would move the whole block, pool, sauna, changing room, etc down a level, basically putting it in the basement. There shouldn’t be any reason why not to put the pool pumps, chemicals etc in a “sub” basement below that.
      Then you could fill the space above it as a “Grand Ballroom”

      Something else, I would swap the “Billiards room” with where you have the Library. Why?
      Billard room has 3/4 walls that can be devoted to book shelves, while the upstairs room has only two walls, the rest being windows (this is a personal fondness, I LIKE my libraries to be dark, brooding and crammed with books 😉

      In the master suite, I would DEFIANTLY remove that small walk way from the bed room to the sitting room in order to allow for the second bathroom ot be bigger. In a house of this scale, there should be no reason not to have the master bathroom as grand as possible.

      As far the upstairs ballroom.. You know what scratch what I said earlier about swapping the billiard room and library. If you put the pool in the basement, and the Ball room in the pool wing, I’d turn that two story room into one HELL of Library!
      I Like books 😉

      • Annie

        I don’t like swimming pools located in a basement, even though that would be released additional space on the main floor. I deliberately positioned pool where it is now.
        As for library and billiards, I was tormented by great doubts.))
        But finally decided that it would be better if poker room and billiards will be located near, while the location of library on the second floor allows residents not to run and jump on the floors in searching of books.))

        • Eric

          Big basements are a personal fondness of mine, putting things like large pools, spas, gyms, etc down there is something I prefer, I think I was born part Dwarf ;P

          I defiantly see the reasoning behind your choice of placement or the library.
          Thanks by the way for commenting on all of our comments by the way 🙂 When something like this is posted, it is nice to get feedback from the creator, either discussing ideas or explaining why things are 🙂

        • Orlando2

          I think the pool is fine where it is. If I had an indoor pool I would want to be open the doors and let in fresh air as well as having access to move indoors and outdoors form the pool.

        • Eric

          Annie do you have a contact?
          facebook page or such?

          • Annie

            Oh! Once I’d finished with my active Social-Nets-life, cos I have no any time and see no any meaning in this.))
            Although I have an account on FB, I go there very very very very often. And not even sure I still remember the password for sign in.))

          • Annie

            *very very very seldom*, of course ))))
            At first wanted to write ‘not very often’, but while tiping changed my mind.

  • opinionfree

    I’m really not a fan of the 1 (or barely 2) dimensional pediment top. When approaching or standing in parallel to the house, you can see it is just an unincorporated facing. I’d prefer it to follow the roof line or adjusted so it’s not so disparate from the structure.
    An idea: if your going to go with such a ‘frigid’ exterior, mix up the interior like some ass crazy urban loft structure, with 15 different staircases accessing multiple split levels. Shake the tree. This subtle variant of a classic theme is (I’m sorry) nothing new.

    • AR

      Always a comment eh? You stealthy adversary, you will be crumbled you sickly creature. FLutter away, fat beast.

      You cannot win a battle by yourself you simple minded buffoon. Clear yourself up before you make yourself look like a complete retard

  • Teddi

    Oh good grief. Who would want to live in any place that would look like something Dr Seuss came up with while high on a strong hallucinogen?

    15 staircases? All to different levels? Please tell me you’re kidding. Other than mountain goats, who would live there? Who else would want to? I’m not a fan of the classic English box-like mansion style, but that IS the style.

    It’s not as if she invented it. She put in a modern-day floorplan to go with that particular classic architectural style. And a floor plan someone could actually use, not one with a bunch of staircases no one needs. If you don’t like a particular architectural style, you design something else. You don’t make the style worse by putting in a bunch of useless and pointless and (sorry) ridiculous additions.

    • Grrrowler

      I’m picturing something Escher-esque with stairways going in all directions.

      Anna: You had me hooked with the single-story entrance lobby leading into the two-story hall.

      • Teddi

        My brain flew to Seuss but Escher works too. Gotta throw Hitchcock in there now.

        I think Anna (or is it Annie, I may be confused) is one of the very few people who know how to do a good entrance.

        I’ve never understood mansions where people walk in and bam, they are inside the main and formal part of the house. I need some kind of vestibule with coat room (an actual room not a closet) and powder rooms off to the side of that. When there is a function, it can be opened up so that guests can flow straight through after dropping off their coats/shawls/jackets.

        In all other times, the lobby is closed off. Because there are times when people come to your house and you don’t want them being able to see or being privy to the main interior of the house, nor do they need to be. I’ve often thought an entrance lobby of some sort was essential. Having a staff room right there (but not) and with a separate exterior entrance is frankly, brilliant.

        I’d move the cigar room downstairs to be near the drawing room or dining room, and I don’t understand the upstairs pantry, so that would be turned into a laundry or linen room for me.

        • Andrew

          I think upstairs pantry is where you go for the snacks/drinks in the middle of the night, instead of going all the way to the kitchen! Am I the only one who’d appreciate that? 🙂

          • Teddi

            That I get. I guess the name confused me. I’d rename it to kitchenette or something along those lines. Definitely need a snacking area upstairs. So that’s a good idea.

        • Annie

          When I thought about the upstairs pantry, I assumed that it might be in use on those rare occasions when the ballroom is turned into a banqueting hall.
          Linen room … Hmmm … That’s what I missed. Well, let it be somewhere in the basement.))

          • Annie

            While on the other hand, the formal dining room is large enough to occasionally change into a banquet hall. Well, I don’t know)

          • Eric

            Many old estates actually did just that. the Reason why many Dinning Halls were so HUG was because they would indeed double as the Grand ballroom.
            A lot of very fine ancient tables were built in sections so they could be taken apart for a big party.

            One thing to consider, is that until around the mid 1930’s/40’s the concepts of “Dinner” and “Party/Ball” were kept quite separate. If you had 30 guests over for dinner, you might later go to a smoking room to relax and chat, but having a big Dance later wouldn’t be done. Likewise if you wanted a big Ball and dancing, food would be provided by waiters on trays, no one would sit down to eat.
            So you never worried about the Dinning Room/ Ballroom used on the same night.

          • Annie

            Actually, my thoughts were about the same.

          • Annie

            By the by! Upstairs pantry may still be useful in the case of open-air ‘banquets’ and ‘parties’ or such on the second-floor terrace.

          • Teddi

            Considering the ballroom is upstairs, then I get now why the cigar room and pantry are upstairs. But pantry still makes me think of food storage, not food prepping or coordinating. So whether it’s for residents to get snacks or to act as a servery, I get it. I was just thrown by the name. The location is fine.

            As for the pool, placement is obviously a personal preference. My preference is to have all formal entertaining separate from informal. I find the flow works better in my head.

            I think people still have an outdated idea of a terrace or basement level of some dark and dank place with no light. I would definitely have it be a walk-out basement, so plenty of light and still leads to outside. One really can’t tell a well done terrace level from any other level in a house. Since there’s a squash court downstairs, I’d put all exercise related things together. Squash court, gym, swimming pool, sauna. It would have such amazing flow, you could go from one thing to the other. Play a game of squash and then get a steam, all in the same place. Again, this is simply how it flows in my head. But I just wanted to point out that having a pool in the basement doesn’t negate being able to go outside directly from it.

          • Annie

            As for upstairs pantry, I think, it’s rather a servery, maybe with a small kitchenette. With fridge, and with some snacks and drinks for midnight-hungry residents.))
            As for ‘fitness zone’ and so on. The daily actions. I wake up. I have no need to go down to the basement to get to the gym – it’s on the same floor. And if I want, for example, to swim after, it’s enough to go down just one level right from the gym. No unnecessary walk between and across floors. I think so.

          • Teddi

            Sorry Annie, I had to reply here because the thread out, I think that tells you that we’re all highly impressed and pumped. 😀

            I’m spoiled, I would SOOOO have a small gym either in the master suite or right off of it, and a FULL gym down in the basement to have the workout center. Because when I say gym, I don’t mean the normal couple treadmills and StairMasters home gym. I mean aerobics zone, weights zone, zumba zone, racquet ball/squash court, pilates/yoga area, pool, steam room, sauna, spa, smoothie bar and a meditation room. Maybe even rock climbing. The full enchilada. Like I said…spoiled.

            I get bored easily. And with all the goodies the personal chef would be feeding me, I’d need to work out every day and stay motivated. But I don’t want to walk to different areas of the house to do it. If I felt like doing one thing then felt like moving on to something else entirely, I don’t want to have to leave that area to do it. To me, it would be the set up, of say, an LA Fitness, just much smaller.

            Then if I wanted to do a quick workout before bed, or there are guests in the house and I’d rather not have them see me huffing and puffing, there is the little gym off the master. It makes me super spoiled, but if I’m going to dream about my ultimate dreamhouse, then go for it…right? I’m only worried that I would end up with a bigger house than this and my goal is to keep it all under 40,000sf. But the heart wants what the heart wants 😉

    • Eric

      I’ll admit I do like “towers” Would it be un-popular to consider a slightly large top part?
      Maybe a sort of “look out” or upper viewing room to look out upon your mighty estate 🙂
      I could see something like this “”http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/x/pediment-tower-royal-palace-amsterdam-dutch-koninklijk-paleis-netherlands-th-century-classical-style-32858624.jpg”” But filled in with windows, a comfortable sitting room up there with books, bar and music 🙂

    • opinionfree

      OK. My inspiration was coming from that pimp dog Lewis Carroll and his Bitch ho’ Alice. (Think English author and fantastical story).
      I was really just using those exaggerated parameters, as an example. However, on further reflection and some simple math, I think it could be something different.
      Try it: 50,000sq ft/ 15 staircases = 3333sq ft. per level, contained within a 3 story structure. Imagine it as a 15 room house, where each room is in excess of 3000sq ft.
      I wouldn’t want to live in it, regardless of the interior configuration. A minstrel’s gallery, porcelain storage room and a place to drop my shawl may be important residential requirements for some. Although, for the life of me I can’t imagine who. Not for me or my pack of pedigreed pooches.
      To the Annie person that put the time and effort into the design. A zillion thanks for proffering a topic where all could provide respectful, interactive dialogue.

      • Teddi

        I had to assume that somewhere you could not have been serious, and yet here you are trying to pretend as if it could actually work. What you’re proposing isn’t a home, it’s a series of townhouses housed in a commune, and then what would be the point? I don’t really get this passive aggressive way you have of approaching pretty much everything and why you can’t just come out and speak plainly. I doubt most people could imagine living in 50,000sf, but for those who could imagine, the point is to make it work. Not be so ‘ass crazy’ as to make it unlivable and ridiculous. If you want to float with wild ideas, at least make them functional. Even MJ’s Neverland had to conform to that. Porcelain storage room notwithstanding, I’d rather have said storage room than some ass crazy shaking the tree design that no one could conceivably inhabit.

  • Bill in NY

    “that pimp dog Lewis Carroll and his Bitch ho’ Alice.”?????

    Class. Real class.

  • rob

    It looks vaguely Russian to me. Particulary the yellow color.


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