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  • L

    While some may decry the gaudy fixtures about the interior, they’re period features and deserve to stay. The diving room is lovely. The rear garden area is not my cup of tea, and the plants look like shrubbish weeds (I much prefer hedges. Hedges everywhere).

    • L

      On second thoughts, the dining room is nice, but not lovely. And I suppose repainting a few surfaces in less intense colours and removing some of the gold-emblazoned embellishments wouldn’t go astray.

  • Daniel

    I want to like the exterior but it comes off as a movie set. I don’t like the central portion of the facade. Interior is very heavy.

    • Sam

      The exterior looks like one of the houses in The Great Gatsby….

  • Grrrowler

    I do like the exterior; it feels solid and permanent. The interior details (assuming their original) are nice and the rooms themselves are beautifully proportioned, but they’ve been slathered with too much gilding and have crossed over to become gaudy. I would redo the interior with a lot less gold and heavy fabrics.

  • Mak

    Nothing says rich like a koi pond.

  • Bill in NY

    The exterior reminds me too much of my high school…that’s NOT a good thing!

  • Jason

    This is a truly beautiful home. A great study in academic Georgian architecture. The interiors are too stuffy and frou frou, but well done if you like the look.

    I always get excited when I see Atlanta listings on here. Unlike Phoenix, D.C. area homes and Jersey (sorry, Kenny) this part of the country never disappoints. It seems the ATL has a very strong legacy of amazing Classical residential architecture in the US. I’d crown it the residential shining star of the South beating out Miami, Birmingham, Dallas and Houston. So impressed that I am , I might take a spring trip to the area, just to check out the homes in Buckhead and the other residential areas.

  • Barney

    GORGEOUS home on the outside and in, but yes, absolutely the interior needs to be “de-Louis-the-14th-as-a-Pimp”. Waaay too much strong color and gold leafing. Beautiful, correct and NON-INSANE proportions and size. It reminds me very much of an equally exquisite but much larger home here in Grosse Pointe Farms that was torn down in the early 1980’s by that IMBECILE Henry Ford II. THAT Idiot tore down a STUNNING home and PUT UP CONDO’S.

  • Chase

    Very nice, hopefully whoever buys it keeps it pretty close to as is.

    Too many people turning interiors of old Georgian mansions into white contemporary snoozers.

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