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  • Eric

    First things first LOVE The greenhouse! That is the greenhouse for a “working” gardener, not just a fancy sunroom, also LOVE that it attaches to a ‘mudroom’ and doesn’t just go straight into the house so your tracking dirt everywhere!
    As for the rest?

    Well the entrance with its White stone floors and White walls and ceilings need some work, mostly to avoid going blind!
    The Kitchen looks nice, I like how the central island is effectively a table big enough for meals and breakfast and such.
    The smaller living room attached to it looks nice, it has a ‘cozy’ feel to it.
    Master bedroom, erg, again gleaming white everywhere. Give me warm earth tones or dark wood any day!

    All in all I quite like it, this is a rare house that actually feels like it could be a “Home” instead of some cold, emotionless place with massive empty rooms.

  • Daniel

    Devoid of any intriguing details.


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