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  • Grrrowler

    For $50 million, it’s not very impressive. It’s nice that it’s a blank slate for a talented designer, and the view is predictably amazing, but for that price I’d want more than a blank slate. In its current layout, it feels very chopped up. Considering what can be had in NYC for less money, this doesn’t seem like a very good option.

    I’m still trying to figure out what “a wet, gourmet kitchen island” is. 🙂

    • Sam

      a large kitchen island with a built in sink.

      • Grrrowler

        I think it was supposed to be a wet bar and a gourmet kitchen island.

        • Sam

          yes probably that haha I was wondering why they would even mention an island with a sink in it…pretty standard

  • Daniel

    Downfall of this building: hideous support columns.

  • John L.

    $14,000 per square foot? I think I could get something bigger and nicer in NYC for that amount!!

  • Teddi

    What exactly is the $50 million dollars for here? The view? The location? $14,000/sf for an ugly, small, white condo. I agree with Daniel, those obese support columns are hideous. Once again someone as pulled a number out of their ass and will sit around waiting for some Middle Eastern or Russian billionaire to pay for it. Another grossly overpriced condo that makes me think that Stone Mansion in Alpine is a steal.

  • Sam

    I reeeaallly like this condo and don’t mind the “small” size, but maybe for $5 million. From the looks of the floor plans the majority of the rooms barely have a view of Central Park other than the living room, dining room and master bedroom. No thanks.

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