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  • mak

    1. Hate the pics.
    2. The ceiling is too low in the basketball court.
    3. No koi pond.


    • Sam

      Not to mention it’s a drop tile ceiling in the basketball court! They can do better than that! ridiculous

  • Daniel

    Really hate these HDR real estate pics. Makes everything look gooey or dusty.

  • Eric

    You know I might have more to say about this house, I might even have some good things to say..
    But I honestly can’t look at those Grainy Blurry Photos long enough to see!
    You are selling a multi million dollar house, How HARD is it to make sure you have crystal clear photos???

  • Grrrowler

    The pics remind me of the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, with too much lighting and a soft focus. It doesn’t really do anyone any good on the show, and it doesn’t do this house any good.

    I’m not sure how the square footage can vary so much. Kenny put 12,000-14,600, yet the listing says 9,000. The variance is the equivalent of two average-sized houses. Can’t someone just measure the damn thing?

    • Sam

      And how hard can it be to just look at the plans or blueprints from when they built the house to find the square feet? It was built a little more than 10 years ago they can’t be that hard to track down.

  • Sam

    That staircase looks dangerous!

  • Bryan in CLT

    The owner is Stephen Leeolou the Founder of Conterra Ultra Broadband

  • Bryan in CLT

    City of Charlotte tax records list it as 13,580 heated sqft…15,754 total sqft

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