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  • Jason

    this must be what people think of when they picture a truly bad Texas McMansion. This thing is unsightly…

  • L

    This isn’t too bad. There are far worse examples of large, low-quality homes. I would hope for more colours and architectural details in this house (photo 4 looks really odd), but it’s not offensive.

    • L

      For reference, this is the WORST McMansion I have ever come across. Consider yourself lucky, Americans.

      • L
        • Teddi

          Okay, I was going to itemize all the things very very wrong with this Texas house, until I clicked on the link and looked at that Australian monstrosity. Bloody hell. I don’t think they did anything right. It’s HORRIBLE. Everything about it is godawful.

  • Daniel

    It’s not horrific. If they incorporate some mature landscaping it could be nice. Interior does look like they went the cheap route. I hate how the bathtub is wedged between the vanities.

  • Justice-Rainger

    I sent something to HOTR, they ignored it. Bad.

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