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  • Sam

    It looks like it could have looked good on paper when they were designing this house, but then when they were building it it all went wrong. Weird colors, tacky furniture and decor, etc.

  • Daniel

    Exterior reminds me of Celine Dion’s Quebec mansion a bit. The interior looks original. With a thorough renovation and proper interior design, it could be a lovely home.

  • Bella Dunn

    I know that area well, having been raised in Southeastern Michigan. A suburb of Detroit which has never commanded that price. I can’t recall a home in Southeastern Michigan demanding that price. It appears to be the owner’s pipe dream.

  • Grrrowler

    The central section of the house is too big and tall. It gives the house a gigantic forehead. The are some good spaces in the house, but the decor is so atrocious that it’s difficult to see past it.

  • Barney

    My long-gone grandparents used to live about 5 minutes away from this house and I grew up about 5 & now live 10 away from this house and watched it go up. I know the area like the back of my hand in the dark and this estate is in every possible way a world-class estate in a world-class location. Lake St. Clair is an international waterway and life on the lake is stunning, I can guarantee everyone. I believe that it’s larger than the historical Edsel & Eleanor Ford home (25k sq. ft.) While it does have a record-breaking list price, I can see it ultimately selling for an equally record-breaking amount. I’d love for it to sell in the not-too-distant future and prove to all, especially all the nay-sayers that think that all of metro-Detroit is forgettable that the Grosse Pointes and Michigan are still a much sought-after place to live with the best life has to offer!

    • Venom

      Once Gilbert and Snyder have finished gentrifying Detroit which should take 5-10 years, Grosse Pointe will roar again and command high prices once more. Those that have taste know that few places are as nice as Grosse Pointe, anywhere. West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Novi and Birmingham have nothing on Grosse Pointe in my opinion.

  • Teddi

    I’m not going to bother to argue any point dealing with Detroit’s livability. To each his own.

    What I will argue is anyone wanting to pay that much to live there in a house where the entire interior would need to be done over. I knew there were going to be issues once I saw the cheap and tacky bouquet of plastic flowers on the foyer table. The godawful mural and the pink drapes only cemented my view. Then we head into the great room with that green wallpaper. I’m praying that the white thing on the floor is an area rug and not some kind of tile inlay with painted flowers. Really hoping.

    In any case, the actual architectural layout of the house seems fine, it’s just the execution of the decor that really really sucks. Someone’s going to have to spend a couple mil tearing off, ripping up and throwing away a lot of crap and then another couple mil at least getting a designer with good style sense to make it what it should be. No one should pay $17M for a house ‘with potential’ that needs a lot of work, simply to live outside of Detroit. Makes no sense.

  • L

    The architectural details, layout and landscaping of this home is fine. As people have said it is the interior which has not been changed since the 90s that is significantly letting this down. That said, I don’t think ‘gutting’ it is as necessary as people think. What makes the interior look seriously oudated more than anything is the omnipresent color washing.

    The foyer can be fixed by painting over all the murals, the underside of the stairs, changing the staircase posts and the curtains and removing the plastic flowers. The dining room, well… the walls again need repainting, and it’s likely the curtains and seats are letting it down. The great room is where the money needs to be spent. Mass repainting and complete flush of the decor.

    • Teddi

      I think you’re missing a few key factors here. The costliest and make or break rooms in a home are the kitchen and bathrooms. Where are those pics?

      No pics of the master suite either. That’s another room where renovations get pricey.Make no mistake, if the few rooms we’ve been shown need work, you can bet there a lot of costlier improvements that will need to be made elsewhere. Anyone buying it knows that they will have to spend at least a couple mil tearing out and renovating. I looked at the built ins in that downstairs family room(?) and knew to expect more of that. They want $17M for a house and are afraid to show spaces buyers tend to focus on. What more is there to say?

  • Venom

    This is Art Van’s house and it is absolutely huge and amazing. I managed to get to see it when I was in undergrad, friend’s girlfriend that lived in Grosse Pointe was a friend of the family. Just before the economy crashed he had it unofficially listed, he wanted somewhere between $35 million to $40 million back then. There was a rumor too that it was sinking into the ground. I assume that was taken care of if it was true.

    This is on one of the best and most prestigious lots in all of Grosse Pointe. Most homes on Lakeshore are across from the water, this sits on it. This is a trophy property, of course it will never get that much, but I could see it getting somewhere in the $6 million range, maybe a little higher.

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