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  • Grrrowler

    Is this a house or a retirement home, complete with community dining room? It looks 40 years old, instead of just 11. Pic #2 looks like someone TP’ed the place.

  • Sam

    yeah there is now way this was built in 2002. This is terrible. A bar in the foyer?

  • Eric

    Yeah this place has “old Hotel” written ALL over it!
    Or Retirement home, or club house, or something… But not “Home”

    That circular conference table in the main hall?
    The bed rooms also off the main hall?
    The “Master” bedroom that looks like someone just threw a bed in a large conference room?
    The BBQ that looks like it was made from Home Depot?

    As with many such places, the outside does not look too bad, and I enjoy the well manicured grounds and gardens. But that INSIDE needs serious work. If I got stuck with this heap, the most I could see would be turning it into some sort of Business retreat and renting it out to corporations.

  • Daniel

    Quite a lovely tree in the middle of the driveway.

  • Teddi

    The epitome of huge and cheap. Someone wanted to claim they had a mansion and did this without any design, thought or reason to anything. Don’t get what is going on in that kitchen at all. Or the bedrooms or the foyer, or the stairs or the pool.

    Let’s say it all together: HOT. MESS.

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