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  • Jason

    hideous and tacky. it rivals some of the Persian Palaces of Beverly Hills for faux sumptuousness. Someone made a run for Kirkland’s & Pier One for this one. Also, the “art” is terrible, especially the tapestry in the keeping room which mars the kitchen- the only half decent room in this pile of wood.

  • Daniel

    Pool looks nice but the interior is too formal and frilly. Exterior isn’t terrible.

  • Grrrowler

    I like the pool. The rest could benefit from a “less is more” approach.

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    The Woodlands are home to many of Houston’s wealthy, but this home and its listing price suggests that a bubble is beginning there. I can’t see these prices sustaining for too long, even in a state that is doing as well economically as Texas is. The house looks nicely put together if overdecorated, but someone might like it as it was designed. The price, though, is going to hurt whoever buys it in the future, when I personally think prices here will come down to more realistic levels.

    • Chris W

      Honestly with ExxonMobil, and many other major corporations moving into the area. I imagine home prices will stay steady, and possibly even increase as they have been doing. The Woodlands will experience a lot of growth for many years to come!


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