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  • Jason

    I like this very much! very tasteful, good scale. All but the unremarkable furnishings make for a very nice waterfront estate.

  • Daniel

    Even though it’s on five waterfront parcels, it doesn’t have much of a front or back yard to speak of. That’s my biggest problem with The Sanctuary. Almost all the houses in the community absolutely devour the lot they are on. The house itself ain’t bad, though if you look throughout the community, you’ll find 4 or 5 other Dan Swanson homes with almost the same layout. Interior has some nice details. Overall though, if it were my money, I’d go for this instead:


  • opinionfree

    According to the blurb, it’s currently owned by Dennis Koslowski. Not to be unkind, but this is one of the biggest business thieves of the century. This was the guy that had multi-thousand dollar shower curtains and umbrella stands, paid for as ‘business’ expenses. I remember his wife, a tart like woman, stayed with him until financially, everything was supposedly gone. She divorced him when he was in prison. He, was unimaginably charismatic. Not sure why this property wasn’t confiscated by the feds, but it should have been.

    • Daniel

      Fun fact: The former CFO of Tyco (Mark Swartz) also put his home on the market the same day this came on the market:


      Both Swartz and Kozlowski have the same lawyer listed as trustee on the properties (Richard Murdoch).

      • opinionfree

        Perhaps this is just a coincidence and not indicative of anything untoward. I doubt it. Nonetheless, this is what the citizens should be versed on and not twinkieing/tweettering or whatever the hell the masses are obsessed with these days. People are ready to cut one another, with sharp things, if they feel disrespected (real or most often, imaginary) yet are oblivious to what is truly affecting their lives.
        Sad, but good to know info. Thanks to my homeboy Daniel.


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