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  • Daniel

    This looks like it would be more at home in central Florida than Paradise Valley. The marble everywhere makes this place look dated. Level of comfort in this home: 1.

  • Jason

    would someone from Arizona please submit a home from your state that does not make it look like there is a single well designed mansion in the entire area?? this is a better for as the Paradise Valley Comfort Inn & Suites.

  • Jason

    ^oops! bad grammatical structure^ typing too fast!

  • Teddi

    Didn’t need the description to tell us that this house was built and decorated in the 90s. Worse, no one bothered to update the interior. It dates itself. Even new furniture would have helped. A stager would have come in handy. I was excited to see a two story house in AZ, we see so few of those. But this one is disappointing.

    • Sam

      Why don’t people build 2-story houses in AZ?


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