$12.499 Million Tuscan Inspired Mansion In Newport Coast, CA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Grrrowler

    Oy, again with the “Tuscan” description.

    This isn’t the worst Newport Coast house that’s been on here. I sort of like the exterior, and (if the pictures are accurate) the fact that it’s been styled to look like it has some age. The interior has some OK spaces, but I’m not a fan; it is, however, nice that it’s not overdone and gaudy like some others we’ve seen in the neighborhood. The biggest problem for me is that it’s in Newport Coast. Ultimately it’s still not much more than a large tract house in a development on a lot that looks too small for the house.

    There was a discussion about Naples, FL being overly expensive, but it seems to have nothing on Newport Coast prices.

  • Daniel

    This honestly looks like one of the worst communities to own a car. How the hell do you back out of that driveway and garage? Doing a three point turn in my garage sounds like a hassle. Exterior ain’t bad but the interior looks dated.

  • John

    Not much to say…at least its close to the merage house?

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