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  • Daniel

    Such a cool view. Exterior looks a bit like a bank. Interior is nice but a bit on the boring/forgettable side.

  • Grrrowler

    I haven’t been in this house, yet. But, I really like it. It’s well-hidden from the street in spite of the neighborhood being high density and the view is a typically amazing Seattle view. If you ever watched the TV show Frasier, the backdrop for his apartment was taken just up the hill and across the main road at Kerry Park; IOW, a very similar view. There’s another at-least-2-car garage under the house, with an entry directly from the street. The interior is typical Northwest, but has actually been warmed up quite a bit and looks very comfortable (although it could stand a little more personalization).

    This is owned by the former chairman of a local construction company that has built several high profile projects, including the new headquarters for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Olympic Sculpture Park, the Space Gallery at the Museum of Flight, and Bill Gates’ house in Medina.

    I think the price is overly ambitious. This house on the same size lot, and 40% larger, has been on the market off and on since 2009: http://www.cbbain.com/Homes/WA/Seattle/619-W-Comstock-St-98119/517830 Both are nice houses, but the Comstock house is in a more desirable location, has a better view, and is almost $5,000,000 less.

  • John

    i like it

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