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  • Daniel

    House is a bore. Interesting choice of cars, having 3 SUV’s that compete directly against each other in the same household.

    • Andrew

      You do realise the new owner will be free to put their own selection of cars in that garage, right? 🙂

      I think this house is pretty good actually, It is sort of modern but not competely sterile, with nods to hacienda style but without the usual associated clutter. I’m not the biggest fan of exposed stone walls especially when the stone is reddish in hue, but I guess it goes with the landscape…. all in all, I’ve certainly seen worse!

  • Jason

    still waiting to see anything good come out of Arizona. It must be a McMansion builder’s dream state.

  • Venom

    I get a white trash with money vibe from this house. Are they selling the cars or the house? The car selection looks like it was made by someone who won the lottery/signed a sports contract and went to the dealer and asked them what cars they should buy.

    The biggest indicator that this was white trash with money owners were those godawful tacky lettering that on the walls, the most egregious one being the “family” one, no one with any class and upbringing puts that crap on their walls. I am surprised the back of the SUVs don’t have those stupid stick figure families on the back.

  • Coon

    I also find any form of inspirational messages on walls of houses extremely tacky, specially on such a high end home.

    I do think the home is beautiful and well done though. My only pet peeve on the architecture are the 6 windows to the left of the main entry on the stone wall. For some reason they just dont look right to me.

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