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  • Daniel

    A charming jewel box. Love the exterior. The bougainvillea ivy is probably astonishing when blooming. Interior would need some work. Not crazy about the tile floors. Definitely prefer the photo 3 version of the living room (not sure why they included both).

  • Sam

    In my opinion a way better deal than the other Palm Beach house we just saw. I really like the simplicity and authentic look of it, it really fits the style for Palm Beach. By the way whoever is selling this really knows what a proper listing is, high res pictures AND floorplans…

  • Jason

    what a lovely, lovely home. I love the fissured stone detailing and restrained simplicity of the whole composition. It’s the perfect Palm Beach getaway for the society high-season. There are some oddities about the floor plan. I’m not sure I’d devote such large windows on the front elevation for the garage(2), powder room (1) and storage (1). I’m sure the views are towards the rear, but this is still weird. Also, the plan seems to work more for a childless couple. The kitchen is small and out of the way and far removed from any casual areas of the house. Also, I’m not sure I like the main room being the circulatory pathway for the entire house either. Never the less, I’m still a fan of this Daniel approved “jewel box”.

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