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  • Daniel

    Most Newport Coast homes aren’t exactly architectural splendors, but this is particularly bad. That rear is downright ugly. Interior looks like every other home in the community it seems.

  • Grrrowler

    I don’t understand why formal to some people has to be so uptight and stuffy. This takes formal and makes it unwelcoming. And cherubs? That’s just too much. As Daniel said, the exterior is particularly detestable, even by Newport Coast standards.

  • Teddi

    I guess after seeing that Hollywood, FL monstrosity I’m looking favorably on everything else, because I don’t think this house is that bad. It’s definitely not good and I would never have designed any part of it for myself (there isn’t a single part of this house that I would want), but it’s not oppressively formal. I’ve been in homes more formal than this. It’s not scarily formal but nor is it welcoming; it’s awkwardly in between and I feel they need to just pick one and go with it because it seems confused. In any case, nothing is particularly appealing and I don’t think anything is terrible enough to even be memorable. Definitely not a good place to be in.

  • Ron

    I think Paulie and Silvio from The Sopranos would feel at home living there.

    Those blue leather lounges are so …. I just can’t find a word to describe them.

  • Venom

    I can’t believe homes like this command $20 million.


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