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  • Brian


    It looks like your favorite house has made it into print. Check this out (at Amazon):

    • Kenny Forder


  • Daniel

    Yikes. They seem like a very couple who doesn’t laugh or tell jokes often. The home has nice bits and pieces, but enough with the presidential artifacts. *THE* Resolute Desk? Christ, I can see some dingbats linking the video and titling it “Man with Kennedy’s desk…”

    A joyless home. No fun in it at all.

  • Mak

    If you’re gonna get those gubment contracts, you have to have a place where you can wine and dine those folks without a whole lot of other people looking over your fence. Ergo, Norton Manor.

  • Grrrowler

    I dislike it every bit as much as I expected I would, and then some. I actually lost interest in the video before 1:00 in. As daniel pointed out, the couple seems very serious, and very concerned about impressing people.

    But koi pond!

  • opinionfree

    This kind of house may be rigueur in California, but is highly pooh poohed upon in DC. The reception of such, will be as cold as the couple that live there. I would be highly suspect, that ANY fund raising functions, will ever be held in residence. Any social association, with the house or home owners, would be political suicide.

    • Venom

      That would be “de rigueur” not “rigueur”. Also, I would bet you are very wrong. A house like that is specifically built for fund raisers and once you have money, politicians will follow, the photos they showed pretty much proved that. Last time I checked I did not think there was a shortage of mega mansions in the DC area.

      Little surprised by Mak’s reaction, I mean, koi.

      • Mak

        LOL./././ I was going to mention it, but they (and the house) aren’t old money, so…the fish are probably just a bunch of random wanna bee’s and not OLD koi….

        but kodos to them for understanding the need to show them. It does create the illusion of old money even if they aren’t.

        • Teddi

          When I watched the video all I could think of was Mak fainting in a heap at the size of the massive koi pond. You disappointed me, Mak. You don’t appear the least bit impressed. And I told you if I ever land it big, I’d have to build a koi pond just for you. But obviously i would be new money so I guess you won’t be impressed with mine either.

      • opinionfree

        Thanks for pointing out that I didn’t include the ‘de’ in front of the rigueur. I am well aware of the spelling and derivation. I know it was their before I edited my post, then when I changed it, I left it out. Visually having the word be before de tricked my eye. Oops.
        I still stand by my post. Having lived in DC, this level on conspicuous consumption is anathema to fund raising. The press would use association with this residence, to destroy any validity of cause. Their is a world of difference between this home and a mega mansion.
        As will be expected, you may have the last word on the subject.

    • Teddi

      Don’t get it. Why would it be political suicide? Politicians need money. Old. New. Doesn’t matter as long as it’s money. Unless the people are murderers or pedophiles, no one much cares that the house isn’t old or that the owners aren’t fun. That house was built for only two reasons. Showing off and entertaining. My guess is that the old money people might snicker at them in private but will still show up to their house for an event if the right politicians are present.

      • opinionfree

        You want the money. You need the money. You just do not want to be associated with the money. The arrogance of this place will scream corruption, real or imaginary. Folks struggling to survive, will look at causes or candidates intertwined with this residence, as negative. My opinion on this home has nothing to do with new or old money. Plenty of billionaires contribute to candidates on the DL (sort of), this place wasn’t constructed to be on that platform. If this house was 100 years old, no one would blink an eye. Building and advertising this thing, in an age of financially challenging times, makes it unsavory to most of the voting public. Let’s give a shout out to my girl, Marie Antoinette.

        • Teddi

          Not happening. When a loaf of bread costs a week’s wages like it did at the time of the French revolution, then you may have a point. Not as it stands now. The only other way that would happen is if ALL politicians stopped getting money from the uber wealthy and billionaires. Then the one and two who do it would stand out.

          The other day I was watching an episode of American Greed, and there was this millionaire Ft Lauderdale ‘businessman’ holding a fundraiser for McCain in his big flashy new mansion, and this guy is as flashy and slimy as they come. I lived in Broward at the time and hadn’t even known McCain had been there. Why? Because the media do not know or if they do, they do not care. They aren’t camped out in front of the mansions taking photos. McCain lost for a lot of reasons, not one of them being that he had a fundraiser at the ostentatious house of slimy, suddenly rich millionaire.

          The only reason we even knew about the campaign fundraiser that Romney went to in PBC was because of what he said, not because it was held in the tacky home of a multimillionaire.

          Every election cycle, politicians spend time criss-crossing the country holding $1000 a plate dinners to raise money for their campaign. I have yet to see any deluge of hatred or backlash that it goes on. Because even the most jaded of potential revolutionaries will admit that it is a necessary evil. The most that has ever been said is that X politician is in league with the wealthy and won’t look out for the ordinary Americans. Well that argument’s been used for the last 50 years and everyone ignores it and just votes for whoever they think will make their life better.

          • Venom

            Exactly, thank you for saving me the time of having to make a response, you are 100% correct. He is standing there with photos of him and his wife with Presidents and all sorts of other politicians, I don’t think he has a problem meeting with them, nor they taking his money.

  • rob

    Did they turn the pool into the koi pond? I am guessing these people don’t really frolic by the pool that much. I give the man credit for his sense of patriotism. The decorator seemed to take great pride that all the rugs were new and custom made for the house. I would have rather seen old and collected for the house. All in all made me pretty angry at the government money that is being spent in the area while the rest of the country is in recession.

  • Barney

    (Shaking head in utter disbelief and astonishment, as usual)…….

    I understand having to have homes large enough to bribe, I mean “entertain” huge politicians when needed.


    While I share a species with people like the owners of this 747 factory, I mean house and all those who build similar, psychotically gargantuan “homes” (and make those quotes about 100 feet tall), I’m inarguably different in an equally gargantuan way. And again, while I understand that people can literally BURN their billions if they want to, it is an intractable and eternal fact that building such monstrosities are egomaniacal & material wastes of such proportions as to destroy ANY languages ability known to the human race to describe. And btw, those rugs and much of what was shown in the video are HIDEOUS and I guarantee that neither the “Decorator” or the owners have EVER KNOWN what the word restraint means.

  • Turtle28

    I was here once for a political event. It’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen

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