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  • Daniel

    Reminds me of the presidential palace (or what once was) in Haiti. Not ugly, just too imposing. One story too many as well. Interior has some nice details.

  • Grrrowler

    Two words: Caribbean dictator.

  • Jason

    just two things to say about this 3 story pompous mess.

    -I love groin vaulted walkways, but the too narrow and creased ones in pic 4 are awful.
    -pic 2 shows how unaware the architect is about classical orders. modern construction methods can allow an entire side of a house to cantilever out several feet, but this diminishes the appearance of a firmly planted base for the house. also the columned porch that terminates at the corner of said cantilever further shows lack of architectural knowledge. it should have it’s own solid landing to lend permanence to the structure.

  • Limedaiquar


  • opinionfree

    With such exacting symmetry, I thought it was a condo development.

  • Teddi

    All I that flashed into my mind was hotel lobby, hotel bar, hotel entrance, and just to shake things up a bit…Caribbean hotel lounge.

  • Venom

    As someone who aspires to be a Caribbean dictator one day, I for one love this place and it is perfect for me:)

  • rob

    Georgian? I would say neo classical, or italianate. Not feeling it.


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