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  • Grrrowler

    To paraphrase Jason: Barf.

  • Daniel


    • bob

      Yes. Nigeria. Ignorance is no sin, But prejudice is. Contrary to what some think, every wealthy person in Africa is not a “dictator”, a “despot” or their relative. There are business people on the continent. Some have as much merit as any Us or Western business men or women. FYI there are a few billionaires in Nigeria. They can afford houses like this one. And this house is not the first of its kind, people. Travel the world, get out of your holes and your prejudiced comfort zones…

      • Daniel

        Call me shallow, but anyplace with a giant red box on Wikitravel advising against travel to said country is not a place I would build a faux palace like above.


        Next you’re going to tell me Darfur or Mogadishu are actually nice places to visit because of the natural landscape. I ain’t buyin’ what your sellin’.

      • Teddi

        it’s funny, because you are the one making a whole lot of assumptions here, first and foremost that Nigeria can’t have mansions if it isn’t built by a dictator. ASSUMPTION.

        We had this same issue when HOTR featured a home in S. Africa. I doubt there is any country, no matter how remote or poor, where there aren’t a fair share of exceedingly wealthy people. When those countries have a serious crime problem, does it really matter how wealthy those people are or what type of mansions they build?

        I’m in no hurry to visit Chicago or south side L.A. either. If that’s considered staying in a prejudiced comfort zone, so be it. My prejudiced comfort zone won’t get me killed over other people’s fights or wars. I’m not taking a trip to Nigeria, Somalia, Chad, or Kenya any time soon, if ever. If that makes me backwards, misinformed or prejudiced, then I’m okay with that.

        When I don’t have to worry about being kidnapped, raped, stabbed, shot or blown up visiting those places then you can feel free to lecture people here. Until then, I strongly suggest you simmer down.

  • Teddi

    *sigh* Next!

  • Andrew

    I’ll bet it belongs to the same prince who wanted to transfer millions of dollars into my account…

    • Teddi

      Hahahahahahahaha. Okay, Andrew, that has got to be the funniest thing I’ve read all week. Thank you!

  • Venom

    Nice to see that likely some despot dictator or family member will get to live to lavishly.

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