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  • Grrrowler

    I’m not sure it’s a question of which one I prefer. It’s more a question of which one I dislike the least.

  • mary

    I prefer the elevator.

  • Daniel

    2 is the least offensive.

  • Venom

    2 is the only real choice…I guess.

  • Bill_in_NY

    I would have voted for #@ but the area is too dark. That blue glass isn’t letting enough natural light come in!

  • Andrew

    Tough choice – they’re all pretty awful! In the end I voted for no.3, just because it’s the most low-key of the lot.

  • opinionfree

    I went with #2. It strikes me as the easiest/cheapest to make acceptable.

  • Teddi

    I appreciate you using th word prefer instead of like, Kenny. I prefer #2. It’s ostentatious, yes. But at least it still looks like it belongs in a mansion and not a gaudy hotel

  • ethan

    where good taste goes to die

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