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  • Daniel

    I’m really curious what the interior of #4 looks like. 95% sure it’s a travesty, but one can hope it’s filled with stunning details.

    • Daniel

      Okay, so number 4 is pretty much what I was expecting. Maybe not a travesty, but still wouldn’t take it.


      • Al Robinson

        I also found this video for you. Enjoy!


        • opinionfree

          I went with #4, just based on the listed 4 aerial choices. Looking at the listing pics (thanks to Dan and Al) I can’t tell if the owners went broke or if they got tired of the never ending construction. I’ve actually been in the latter, trust me when construction seems never ending, it’s easier to just walk away. People were actually living in that house and it’s far from complete. I can just imagine what a daily war zone, it must be in there. That said, $10 million for a major structural fixer, seems ambitious.

          • Mak

            Wow. I imagine # 4 to be like a plantation house in the deep south. You would have all of these extremely poor migrant workers (economic slaves) bending over the crop while the overseer is cracking the whip. All the while, the boss and his family are hanging out around the pool sipping lemonade. Quite the american dream, huh.

      • Teddi

        That interior is nothing short of hideous in both architecture and decor.

  • Grrrowler

    Only because the first three are hideous, it has to be number four, as it is slightly less hideous.

  • Al Robinson

    I vote for #2, in part because it’s the biggest, but also because the back architecture is much better than the front.

    • Sean

      I would have voted for #2 as well, but I personally don’t like homes of this size sitting that close to the street, sould be sitting far away on plenty of acerage, or atleast to the rear of the current acerage…(if possible!?)

      • Al Robinson

        I completely agree with you Sean. Huge mansions like these should be behind 10 foot gates / walls, with a really long driveway, and a “grounds-like” front yard.

        The mansion should come into view and present with a feeling that hits you with anticipation as you get closer and the mansion gets bigger. 🙂

  • c

    I am not sure what you are smoking saying 4 is the best…

    they are ALL awful but sadly, Tyler’s house is the least objectionable.. It just looks like a plain suburban house on steroids. The rest are just awful.

    • Teddi


  • Venom

    1&2 are beautiful with my pick going to #2, #4 is a mausoleum.

  • Teddi

    I am surprised how many people voted for #2 which I always thought was built and landscaped by a schizophrenic. I still don’t know what is going on in that backyard, but it’s pretty horrible.

    #4 is different, not necessarily in a good way, but it isn’t like every other megamansion out there. But the front exterior looks like it’s a foreclosure. Exposed wiring and a damaged door aren’t appealing. Inside makes me think they went broke and had no money for decor. Obviously no one was hired to decorate it and the Rooms To Go furniture are a turnoff.

    So it has to be #1 for me. Not really a fan of the airport-like, X-shaped layout, but it’s the best of the worst.

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