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  • Otessa Regina Compton

    This is one of the most creative mansions I have seen in Georgia. I wish they would come up with more tropical colors. My favorite parts of this mansion is the stone bar in the kitchen, that does give the home a classical appeal, the gazebo like bathtub, and the coastal blue in the bedroom.

  • rob

    I didn’t think I would like it but I actually like it quite a lot, and for the money it seems like an incredible deal. The builder actually showed some originality in some of the features. I know he was using commercially available woodwork and not much custom stuff but he mixed it up in an interesting way. Some of those ceilings are great. I really like the library/study. The builder really made it dark and woody. The exterior manages to be impressive even though it is a basic take on the Southern mansion theme. The columns are truly massive, so I think that is what makes the porch so impressive. Overall, for three million, quite a deal.

  • opinionfree

    Note to self: should I ever be looking for a home in the Alpharetta, GA. area, please avoid any designed by Bill Harrison.

    • Jason

      I actually think Harrison design is a good firm. not the best in Atlanta, but talented. this definitely seems like an early work, because it’s nowhere on par with what they do now. this is like a builder spec mega mansion, but the firm does work with more architectural integrity now.

  • Daniel

    I get an evil vibe from this.

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