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  • Eric

    What is this? A large English Estate that does NOT seem utterly ruined by Candy Interior! Someone call the Press!!!
    Of course the interior they DID go with isn’t much better… It says this house was built int the 90’s and it shows!
    The main ‘Grand’ staircase looks decidedly cheap, the wood looking fairly tacky…
    The Kitchen is, well “Orange” and “More orange” come to mind, On the their floor, I always do appreciate homes WITH a third floor, but oh MY do those ceilings look low!

    As for the good parts? Well, 100 acres is a good start! And we also have a real “Estate” in the works, IE LOT of extra buildings!!!
    2 log cabins
    4 guest cottages
    2 barns
    and lots of Gardens!

    Yet another property I could see becoming an exclusive hide away / retreat for the wealthy 😉 The biggest downside of course… STAFFING!!

    With that many buildings, I cannot thinking of how many cleaners and such you need ot keep everything int top condition/.

  • Daniel

    The whole thing feels flimsy. Like a movie set or something. Call me crazy, but I’d rather see a *well-executed* C&C interior in this rather than what it is presently.

  • Grrrowler

    The English equivalent of an American McMansion, a McManor I suppose. The house is completely devoid of any character, and borders on tacky. Even the grounds are bland; it looks mostly like just a lot of grass.

  • opinionfree

    I don’t see any evidence, that a decorator was every procured, in service to the design of this home. I’m guessing, the outbuildings were the byproduct of land acquisition. The only value must be in subdividing the land, and repurposing into estate sized lots.
    The floor plan is nice, for ‘gracious’ family living. I would flip-flop the working part of the kitchen with the breakfast room. I have serious issues with my food traveling so far through public spaces, when eating in the dining room.
    (It’s not nearly as bad, as when food from the kitchen, must travel through the family room to get served in the dining room.)
    Also the master suite, should be level separated from the family bedrooms. When using that style of staircase, post landing split, one side should be exclusive to the master and the other side should be exclusive to the family bedrooms. The only point of connection between the master and family sides, should be through the stairs and not a hallway.

  • rob

    I mean, ya can’t hate it really. 100 acres is a great start. The design is classic but it is executed in a very plain way. The ceilings in those rooms are incredibly boring. I don’t hate the decorating. This house would do in a pinch. What I can’t understand is if you are in the market for this sort of place, there are so many old truly beautiful and stunning estates in England. Why not put your money into one of those. Of course, they are a lot more work and have a lot more problems in the maintenance and upkeep, but they also have so much more character. I could live here if I had to, but there are places I’d prefer.

  • Venom

    One of my dad’s friends has that exact staircase and it is as horrid as this one. One side breaks off to the master wing and the other goes to the other bedrooms. At least as Eric mentioned it has not been bastardized with a Candyesque interior.

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