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  • Daniel

    A very interesting home. I like it inside and out. More interesting and well executed than about 80% of the homes featured on here. My only issue with it is the fact that it looks like one of the largest (if not the largest) home in the area. Don’t know if the neighborhood supports this price tag. Never been to Asheville, would love to visit.

  • Eric

    You know I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.

    I was expecting some tacky half-assed Mansion with gaudy gilded gold everyone inside.. And What I find is, well, they really seemed to do a decent job of trying to make a Historical looking Nuevo French Mansion. The stone decorations actually appear to be real stone and not just cheap plaster.

    The interior is well done and NOT totally over the top, the furnishes relatively restrained (when compared to past ‘French’ mansions)

    The lot is rather tiny however (just 2 acres) which is a notable downside… That it is seems to be in ‘Middle of Nowhere’ NC as well, not exactly a selling point 😛

  • opinionfree

    Oh heavens me, without a hand maiden and the coronation robes are at the cleaners. What’s a princess to do? Off with someone’s head.

    Why build a bastardized version of the Biltmore House? Your never going to do it better, or even near as well. A Vanderbilt went broke constructing that place. Yes, a Vanderbilt. As impressed as the owners would expect visitors to be, I’d wet myself with laughter. Thank the stars above, the furnishings are simple. Ugly, but nonetheless simple.

  • Venom

    Gorgeous, I love it.

  • Grrrowler

    Other than a few stylistic details, I don’t think it looks that much like Biltmore House. Judging the house on its own merits and not as a copy, I like it. The exterior is interesting and the interior is very tasteful. I don’t like that it’s the largest house, other than Biltmore itself, in the immediate area but it’s still a good house.

  • rob

    How horrible would owning this house be? Every time you congratulated yourself on having a great home you just need to go down the road to see how really inconsequential your life”s accomplishment is. I would hate to own this home. And on only two acres you can never even approximate the feel of the real Biltmore. I went to school in Asheville and could see the Biltmore house outside my window. No way I would want to live in this approximation of the house. Every single person who comes to this house is going to call it the “little biltmore,” It would just take all the joy away from it for me. PS. Christmas candlelight at Biltmore is one of those experiences you will never forget.

  • Matt

    Really love the house. I wish it was on more land though. This is the most beautiful and comfortable looking formal dining room(pic 8) i have seen on this site, love it!

  • Teddi

    Guess I’m the lone hold out. Do not like it. I always take issue with houses that make visitors go hiking to get to the front door. Because that’s what every well-heeled guest in 5″ Louboutins would love to do, go trekking. Then we have the 18,000sf on 2 acres. It’s NC, not Miami or NYC. Come on. Land is cheap there. Buy it. I also took issue with all the tv room they called a theater. ‘

    I think the floorplans for this house are probably almost perfect. It’s the execution that’s off. Rarely see a 2 story DR, that was nice. All of the kitchens were disappointing. Very much so. The bar was stunning.

  • Ron Vanders

    This house is beautiful—-and for those of you who do not know, you will find many houses this size or larger in Biltmore Forest and in the various high-end residential areas in Asheville, NC, which buy the way is a very beautiful place.

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