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  • Daniel

    Looks like a family enjoyed this home a lot. I would personally prefer something a bit more mature (and boring).

  • Grrrowler

    People are paying way above asking price for some houses in the Hamptons, and this has had an almost $4,000,000 price drop since January. I guess houses north of highway just aren’t as in demand.

    I usually like seeing color used in a house, but someone here chose rather unappealing colors, and lot of them. The house itself looks decent, and more mature than its years. I’m not a fan of the sleeping porch, or whatever that is, on the top floor of the back left side. But, with some work inside it could be a nice place.

  • rob

    For a 15,000 foot house, this house doesn’t seem that imposing. It looks like a great family vacation house. Big enough that everyone can do their own thing. I really like the artist’s studio. This house looks well proportioned and well sited. Looks like a lot of good times had in this place.

  • Eric

    Have to say Kenny, you have been pretty busy brining us houses from the East coast this week 🙂 some good, some not… This one, I’d say is rather comforting.
    As others have said, the fact that it has such a ‘lived in’ feel to it helps a lot in making it fee like a real ‘Home’ Really wish there was an address to view it from google maps, curious what the lot looks like.

    All in all I agree it looks liek it would be a fantastic vacation home, especially for a big family.

  • Venom

    Lovely home, I love it a lot and for out there, it is a very good price.

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