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  • Daniel

    This is nice if you’re hosting weddings. The office is very nice though.

    • Kenny Forder

      I thought you would have liked it more! lol

  • Grrrowler

    It feels much more like a boutique hotel or ski lodge than a private home. There are some very interesting spaces, but it’s not homey at all. Pictures 3 and 4 could easily pass for a hotel lobby if one didn’t know better. I do like the indoor pool, better than most we see here. I’m not so sure about the stone wall pissing into the pool, however.

  • Matt

    At least the plants and trees in the foyer are real… its actually kind of cool in a weird way. i do love the dining room and sitting area in pics 9 and 15 though. Very cozy and pretty.

  • opinionfree

    First things first, love the new picture of Kenny at the Discotheque.
    Now back to business. I love the location of the piano in picture 6. Not sure about the acoustics, but for visual and practical enjoyment, the placement is genius. Reading the blurb, I’m stuck on one running current in this and many other homes: why stop at 2 story rooms? This home lists 4, two story rooms. Be really unique, have 5, four story rooms. (Said with sarcasm). The peeing pool, with my pack of hell hounds, would be the death of me. They would never stop attacking that wall fountain, ever. (Although, I do really like it). I differ a little from the consensus, I do find much of it homey. It’s certainly not gaudy or garish. It’s just big and fully furnished. The 2 story foyer has a commercial feel between it’s size, the forest and cement fountain. The interior faux painted structural blocks and ivy are just silly. All in all, not bad for a big house. Entering it, would not be off putting for me.

  • rob

    The lighting in all the photos seems unusually warm and orangey. This is an interesting house. Not a fan of the stairs but really like the grand piano on the landing. . The two story dining room I kind of like. I like the lighting and the fountains shooting into the pool. I guess with all the cold weather an indoor pool is great. This seems like some kind of fantasy house. A little Disneyesque. I think it would be a cool house to live in.

  • Teddi

    I love a well placed and well designed porte cochere, so they held my interest until I saw the rain forest in the great room. It’s not just a couple of plants, it’s where Red Riding Hood went to look for her grandmother. I’m all for indoor plants, but the moment the gardener needs to do weekly work with hedge clippers and pruning shears INSIDE the house is the moment you have too many indoor plants.

    As for the rest of the house, it was kinda hard to tell anything with the poor photography and warm yellow mood lighting, but some things I did like. The painted ivy everywhere wasn’t one of them…has to go. The pool room is nice…not wow factor, but well done. The piano upstairs is great as long as you don’t have young kids. If anyone is a fan of Keeping Up Appearances and saw the episode where Hyacinth did one of her candlelight suppers and it had a garden theme, you’ll get why I can’t get past this great room.

    • Teddi

      p.s. The exterior of this house is lovely. Front and rear. Love the rockery flowing into the fountains in the back

  • John Galt

    I have driven by this house and it doesn’t seem nearly as big from the outside. Its beautifully landscaped with a nice view of the provo river. I love the inside for the same reasons some of you dislike the house.

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