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  • Daniel

    Not bad at all. Exterior is really nice minus the rear elevation and the odd step-down. Interior doesn’t really match the exterior but it has merits. Price seems like a good deal if you willingly wanted to live in Utah.

  • opinionfree

    What compels someone to construct something like this? I just can’t figure the psychology of a person that would intentionally build this. The owner must have some serious fairy princess issues.

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior feels like a short version of Cinderella’s Castle. Looking at a satellite view, it’s even worse. The lot is barely bigger than the house. There’s no front yard to speak of, and the back yard is a sliver. There is almost no outdoor privacy, and the whole thing is nothing more than a giant tract house.

    The interior is better than the exterior and has some OK spaces, but it isn’t anything special. I like the loft above the living room, although the furnishings in all the rooms are completely uninspired and very pedestrian. The “French sidewalk café” takes a large step over the line into cheesy and tacky. The bedrooms and bathrooms look like outtakes from 1990’s HGTV shows. I’d actually take the Jenks, OK house over this one.

  • Venom

    Absolutely beautiful home, I love it. I would throw some more money in the theater, especially the seats and I would have made the indoor pool area taller with a higher waterfall.

  • Teddi

    In terms of princess castle takes, this has got to be the best we’ve seen. Unlike the others that look like Cinderella, Aurora and Ariel could walk out the front door at any time, this one has some the-owners-might-not-be-crazy realism to it.

    While a few whimsical rooms for the sake of the owners’ inner child and their kids was hokey but cute in one or two rooms, it never seemed to stop. Faux rocks, faux bricks, faux boulevards, faux stones all offset by kitschy, cheap-looking murals so that even Belle would have thought it over the top and lacking taste and sanity; and that’s from a girl who talked to a tea set.

    The good thing is they should be easy to remove and painted over…I hope.


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