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  • Grrrowler

    They do have some lovely work. Number is beautiful, but I’d choose one not shown here: Mi Sueño. It looks truly beautiful inside and out.

    • Jason

      I agree “Mi Sueno” is “My Dream” home! I bought a Bertram Goodhue book thinking it wood have a floor plan of the house- it didn’t. But I got to know more about the architect at least.

  • Daniel

    Some lovely work indeed.

  • Jason

    I’m going to be a little more critical here. I just discovered them after flipping through Los Angeles Magazine and seeing a feature on House 3. it’s very lovely, romantic and fantastical. House 1 is good with great materials and solid detail, but the façade is too long and stretched out. it should of had a projection at the entry door area to lesson the long plane across the front. House 2 is equally impressive, but the projecting wings on either side of the door are too narrow and vertical. More width would make the proportions better as well as smaller quoins. House 4 has a lovely Bentley. that’s all…

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