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  • Daniel

    It feels more like a resort than a home, and not in a good way. The setting is gorgeous. I love the color of the exterior. Interior feels cheap.

  • Grrrowler

    The pool grotto is nice. The best I can say about the house is that it has a nice view.

  • james

    nice pool, nice location, price not nice

  • Teddi

    this place reminds me of the type of house a wealthy family might rent to enjoy a European vacation. Does not seem like the type of place to live in and call home.

    • opinionfree

      I’m with Teddi on this one. Although, I was thinking more for addiction rehab than vacation.

  • daniel

    i think this house was featured on piers Morgans TV report on marbela Spain, look it up on YouTube, they said that this house rents for 20,000 euro, in the summer for a week or something like that,or maybe it was a house that looks similar to this one, check it out let me know its been a while since i saw that piece on YouTube,its a lovely house but the price is way over the top i wish them good luck,,,

  • Venom

    Even though the location is phenomenal, you could not pay me to spend almost $70 million for anywhere in Spain. This seems like the perfect home for some sort of Bond or movie villain. I like it, but it would have to be a lot less.

  • Mak

    This is a house a russian arms dealer would love.


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