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  • Daniel

    I like the exterior with the exception of the glass balconies. The look completely out of place. Interior is a mess. And all white. Haven’t seen that in a UK home before….

  • Eric

    Once again we have a new English Mansion where I like the Floor Plan INFINITELY better to the house itself (well mostly the Candy+Candy interior, YRCH!)

    The grounds, landscaping and Pool house are fabulous, 27 acres of land on a tiny island is also quite a Bargain!
    The house itself (following the floor plan) Is rather attractive. I love the small lobby to large entry room that you do not usually see, the double doors are another nice feature. Also nice to see a dedicated “Staff Kitchen” and “Family Kitchen” area, as well as a dedicated laundry room! Also good to see the “Family” kitchen area right in the middle of the Family room and Dinning room, so it can be accessed by either side.

    As for the second floor, well I may be in the minority here, but have the ‘his and her’ bathrooms I find an amazing feature. the fact that they have the space to do something like that is nice. Most houses try and cram a ‘his and hers’ into basically one bathroom, having a room with more than one loo or shower or more than one bath etc. Here they actually went ahead with two physical separate rooms. Something else I personally love is a private balcony as well as a whole secondary private room on the third floor!

    So once again, amazing floorplan, TERRIBLE House

  • opinionfree

    Looking at the exterior: all my eyes are drawn to are the windows. Big, mullion free, panes of glass. Entirely too casual and visually jarring for this home. Also, if your going to be foolhardy enough to have a cupola clock tower, make it whimsical.
    The interior is woefully dated, without even looking at the décor. I find the floor plan easy to read, thanks to the color coding. The actual layout is another story.

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