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  • Daniel

    Nice house.

  • opinionfree

    I can’t comment on a house that has such arrogance to include exterior signage, with a name like ‘Bella Vista’. Are you kidding me? I would hire day laborers to toilet paper that proclamation placard, every night.

  • Ron

    I almost vomited on my keyboard when I opened the kitchen photo.

    • Kenny Forder


  • Sam

    I don’t think it’s over 8,800 square feet.

    • Chase

      I would guess its at least 12k, just front door to back door 45 feet and width is 140, that’s 6300.

      • Sam

        Oh I didn’t know the dimensions were that big, I was just going based on perspective and the size of the front door and size of the chairs in the back. I know of a house that looks a little bigger than this that is only 9,600 sq ft and that is what I based my opinion on.

  • Grrrowler

    Opinion already mentioned it, but it’s simply not appropriate to have the name you’ve given your house emblazoned in cast iron script on the front wall, and then dramatically lit at night. Well, it’s appropriate if you’re operating some type of business and need to lead customers to you.

    The house itself does not excite me. The front facade isn’t bad, but the rear is too vertical, and the tall skinny windows are not attractive. The interior, at least what we see of it, is expected. The location, however, is beautiful.

  • Teddi

    I like it. Surprise. All except for the kitchen countertops. Those are much too busy with the backsplash and the two tone cabinets. Way too much going on. The outdoor living areas are very inviting. Also, love homes with names instead of addresses. The way grand homes used to be. And yes, the placement made it seem more business than residential, but it’s the thought that counts for me in this case because they got so much right. It may not be a house I’ll remember forever for how fabulous it is and want to have, but they really did do a great job getting much of it right instead of wrong, and God knows we are not used to seeing that here.

  • Al Robinson

    Yeah, I think the back of this home is fantastic. Plus, I would just love to have a mansion of a lake, where people will boat by and say “man, look at that one, I wonder who lives there??”

    • Al Robinson

      Oops… I meant to say: a mansion on a lake…, not a mansion of a lake..

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