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  • Daniel

    4 is the offensive. I’m pretty sure #2 was designed chiefly to confuse aliens by pointing in 20 different places.

  • tony

    HOTR reader Al seems to follow Virtualglobetrotting.com contributor Champion3 a lot.

  • coloradolifer

    HOTR Reader Tony needs to shut the fuck up an let Al have his 15 seconds ya Douche Bag.

    • Tony


  • Sam

    1 literally looks like it was designed on the Sims by a 10 year old. With the random square shaped pool fence in the front yard and the horrible placement of everything. Landscape is HORRIBLE.

    2 looks like it MAY have been cool when it was first built but is now outdated.

    3 is ok from the back but ugly from the front. Just not a very attractive house in general. My second favorite.

    4 is my favorite out of these. It’s ok, it’s landscaped nicely and looks fairly good.

  • Frankie

    If I owned number 2, and I needed a bit more space, I’d add little upturned Ls to the end of each arm. And then I’d have probably the most offensive house ever featured here.

  • Venom

    I really only like house #4. The Remax guy’s house looks like some sort of bunker.

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