A Look At Some Groin Vaulted Hallways From Houzz.com | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Tony

    Hey Kenny, what is “GROIN” vaulted? I thought your groin was your penis? LOL

  • Frankie

    If I had one of these houses, I would hire a group of monks to walk slowly down my hallway performing Gregorian Chants.

    Psst..Tony: go look it up.

  • Daniel

    Although overdone, it is hard to screw up a groin vault ceiling. I personally love them, if and only if they are inside a Mediterranean style home.

  • Jason

    my favorite is 6. I like the flattened vaults that spring from the stone columns/corbels. I also, love the width of the hallway and the steel doors. Daniel, groin vaults can be done badly- see pic 8 for proof. compressed and painted the color of burnt caramel. yuck. also, 7 and 15 are tacky. but this is a design element that I love.

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