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  • Daniel

    I really dislike private garages that end up looking like car dealerships. Also not crazy about the cavernous barn-like structures. My personal favorite is 14.

  • Grrrowler

    I can’t stand 50’s or dealer themed garages; they’re kitschy and more than slightly tacky. I also don’t like any garage that takes the focus off the cars since they should be the highlight of the space, not neon signs, mannequins, or other distractions.

    I do think number 1 is really cool from the outside. The interior is very plain, but it would definitely allow the cars to be the focal point. It was designed by Peter Kunz Architektur: http://bit.ly/orgn5p

  • opinionfree

    Fun fact: The neon sign of the pink elephant in picture 12, is the exact same logo for the place where I get my car washed.
    I love to do projects in my garage, not host tours through it.

  • rob

    I like em all.

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