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  • Daniel

    Reminds me of 2 or 3 houses in Beverly Park.

  • Grrrowler

    Interestingly I was just looking up this house the other day, based on a magazine article I read. The ownership records on city-data.com shows this being owned by Behrooz Ramesh, but I see in other places that it’s currently owned by Marie and Ed Bosarge. He collects antique cannons, they are both patrons of music, and they have a lovely (and large) sailing yacht named “Marie”. They’re also holding a fundraiser at the house on October 30th to aid victims of domestic violence, and tickets are still available.

    There are a few pictures of them in the house here: http://bit.ly/1am9gX5.

  • Al Robinson

    Hell of a big mansion! But what’s funny is the mansion two down is even BIGGER!!


    Those two you can see from the Moon.

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