69 Acre Estate In Bristol, VA With 20,000 Square Foot Mansion | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Jason

    good god! it’s 4:15am in the morning and I just barfed. this thing is gross!!

  • mak

    It’s going to be real hard to get that price, given that right next door is a housing development with homes in the 350-400k range.

  • Daniel

    ***Outstanding*** landscaping. Are we sure this isn’t the clubhouse for a 55+ community?

  • Grrrowler

    Where’s the steeple? I can see that someone had a Palladian villa in mind when designing this, but it went off course into church territory. They did get the landscaping right; I really like the allée leading to the house. The decor shows every one of its 19 years of age, but there are some OK spaces to work with. It’s a shame but the housing development next door really kills the feel of a country estate.

  • Leon Goins

    BARF! is right. This monstrosity is so out of proportion, it couldn’t have been designed by a real architect, especially the windows, All of them are way too small. It was probably designed and built by one of the coal mine owners from up near norton or big Stone Gap, VA. And decorated by his wife who is the proud possessor of a 6th grade education. Whoever did it doesn’t have a clue. Looks like they may have brought a few “choice” pieces from their former home, a tar-paper shack on the side of some mountain up a God forsaken holler.

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