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  • Grrrowler

    The location: no no no no no…no. Growing up in Tulsa, in junior high, we used to make fun of people in Jenks, because they lived in Jenks. Now that the place is full of tract houses and McMansions, it’s like junior high all over again. This house is just a tract house on steroids.

    The great room is an interesting space, but the kitchen cabinets are too stark against the black floor, and the furnishings are terrible. The master bedroom actually looks fairly nice; it’s too bad every room doesn’t look like that.

  • Daniel

    Asking $16 million for any house in any city within the state of Oklahoma is a joke. Asking $16 million for THIS house is a damn travesty.

    • Kenny Forder

      It’s SIX not sixteen 😛

      • Daniel

        Ooooops. Well, it’s still too much. Maybe not for any house in OK, but for this one it is.


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