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  • Venom

    Holy nice car collection. 550 Barchetta and an F40. Suspect there is an Enzo and an F50 hidden in there also somewhere.

    • Luke

      Not to mention what appears to be a Formula One car!

  • Daniel

    An odd home. The exterior isn’t terrible, but I hate the vast front terrace. I’d rip out 75% of the pavers and put in zoysia grass or the like. Interior is a mashup of nice details coupled with terribly overlooked spaces. Living room is the prime example. They have this nice crown molding on the 2nd floor landing and then this ugly expanse of nothing on the fireplace wall (fireplace is undersized as well). Car collection is nice.

  • Grrrowler

    My first inclination is to take a reciprocating saw and cut off the garages stuck onto the left side of the house. With those gone, the front could be relatively attractive. The back is not pretty. The interior has some gracious spaces, but it doesn’t read as $42 million. I simply wouldn’t pay that much to live in this area, even on 101 acres; I’m not a fan of any of the communities along the 680.

  • Teddi

    lol. my very first thought was to remove that attached 3 car garage. 2nd thought was to hire a decorator. This looks like it was done by a layperson…or the owners. There are enough amazing spaces in the house to make it really good if they redid the decor. Love that car barn.

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