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  • opinionfree

    Per listed information: “this massive home is owned by Steven Wallace”. I think part of owners name is missing. This home must be owned by someone named, Steven Wallazchinyev or Steven Walla-Hassan.

    Question: How much would it cost to raze this structure?

    My guess: two hundred fifty thousand dollars.

  • Grrrowler

    I was in this house while it was under construction, just before it was finished or furnished. I hated it then, I hate it now. The front looks more like a mosque than a house. The whole thing is just tacky.

  • Jason

    still as ugly as the 1st time it was listed. what a waste of a prestigious lot in a prestigious community. yes, it’s razing time. bring out the wrecking ball.

  • Aleksandar
  • Sam

    There’s something really alluring about this house and I cant put my finger on it. Despite the fact it does look very over the top there is a lot of attention to detail and high quality furnishings.

  • Mak

    Oh look! A home disco! Imagine being so wealthy that you have enough money to buy people for your own home disco! I wonder if bouncers are included in the purchase price.

  • Daniel

    I really despise this. Surprised it hasn’t been bulldozed. Waste of marble.

  • Eric

    Ok, so apparently I may be in the minority here, but I ‘Kind of’ like it.

    Well the interior.. The exterior makes me want to spew forth a long list of curses at whoever designed it. ‘Mausoleum’ is an excellent description for the outside, Yrch…

    But, the inside, well, in places I do Like it. The Library for one, two stories, stairs, dark wood, arched lit ceiling.
    The basement I also adore, I am sure everyone knows my fondness for huge well decorated basements. And this one has a rather nice pool and spa right next to each other.
    I also have to say several of the rooms, fixtures have an Art Deco feel, which is something else I have a personal fancy.
    I actually DO like the dinning room, although that light fixture HAS to go! it looks like utterly oversized for the room.

    And there in lies MY real dislike of the building, once again we have a ugly mish mash of conflicting styles.

    I have NO doubt this was yet another house with the owner going:
    “Ok ok! I want THIS room to look like a victorian mansion! And THIS room Art deco! And THIS room the 70’s! Oo Oo! and I want a disco too!”

    Also the, one bedroom however looks like something from the 70’s with that low black rimmed style, I have expect it to be a water bed or something, what an eye sore!

  • Venom

    Sweet Jesus this is bad. I have to agree, this must be owned by a Persian, the taste is so bad I can’t believe anyone other than a Persian would build this. This is an automatic teardown. This is in the Top 10 worst homes I have seen on this site, maybe the worst. Wow.

  • Grosvenor

    The best thing on this house are the 2 pinball machines included. Much more valuable than the rest.

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