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  • Ann

    Bleak interiors.

  • Teddi

    There are definitely some interesting design elements. Some things that were hits, some that were misses. I’m really not having a visceral reaction to anything except maybe the living room furniture and that’s easily changed.

    I don’t know if it’s because as soon as I saw the words Russia and Mega Mansion used in the same heading my mind braced itself for over the top gaudy, ridiculous and rooms lacking any sense of scale or useful design. I’m not seeing any of that here. And more (joyfully) surprising is the lack of gilding. Don’t get me wrong, heavy drapery in a kitchen is pretty ridiculous and the oversized bar in the dining room I could do without. but there were some good ideas in there as well.

    While inconsequential, I did love the nod to Olympic gymnastics with that table statue. I’m a sucker for all things Olympics.

    I will point out that while it makes sense for a mega mansion to have a huge foyer that can double as a reception room or whatever, it’s very hard to flirt with that line of being a grand residential foyer or coming off as a hotel lobby. This is screaming lobby to me. You can’t have a room that size with that type of furniture and lighting with that centerstage fountain without envisioning a bellhop at the ready.

  • Grrrowler

    What, no gilding everywhere?! What is the point of a Russian mansion other than as a showcase for gilding and furniture that recalls a dead Louis? I’m out.

    • Teddi

      ROFLMAO!! Too funny. Waiting on Daniel to give me my comic relief. he’s usually on top of this.

  • Andrew

    wow, very tasteful for a Russian property, very understated for them, and a lack of gold leaf, perhaps taste has at last reached Russia!!

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