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  • Grrrowler

    It definitely gets an A+ for location. An 18th or 19th century townhouse in the West Village would be a dream home for me. This has decent outdoor space, and the layout looks mostly OK. It’d be nice to check out the first and second floor layouts which were inconveniently left out of the listing. I’m not a fan of the bathrooms that are open to the bedrooms; I’ve seen it more and more recently and it’s a trend that I hope dies off quickly.

    I’m very disappointed that the interior is modern. Part of the joy of living in a 19th century townhouse is having the 19th century details and style to work with. What a shame that all of that was striped out. That said, I do like the interior, but I would like it in a loft apartment or some other building. Here it just reminds me what was lost.

    • Grrrowler

      I found some info that said this had at one time been split into 9 different apartments. I’m sure few if any period details survived that. That said, I can appreciate the interior a lot more thinking that the current owner didn’t strip it all out.

  • Andrew

    I love this property, and I just think the interior is WOW!! if you go to townrealestate.com they have the missing floor plans for the 1st and 2nd or ground and 1st, as we say in the UK ;-)!!

  • Daniel


  • Bob

    4mins walk to LOUIE


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