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  • Daniel

    I guess the “duplex penthouse on Park Avenue” is what makes this worth what it is asking. Personally, I would need the gut the whole thing.

  • Grrrowler

    A double-height entrance foyer with windows on two sides is not something you see every day in a NYC apartment. While I don’t care for the decor, the apartment itself is great. Some of the details like the dining room ceiling and the herringbone floors are beautiful. With an interior refresh I think it could be a lovely apartment. That said, it’s too far north for me; for the money, I wouldn’t want to be north of 85th Street.

  • Vanessa

    Now I know where the Gossip Girl Park Avenue apt idea came from 🙂 This place is stunning!

  • WrteStufLA

    JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon lives in this building. Perhaps its best feature is the huge drive-in central courtyard, where residents can enter/exit their limos with privacy and security. While the 85th St. Carnegie Hill location might seem “too far uptown” for some, it’s very close to the best private schools, so the kids (and their security details) can just walk to their neighborhood schools.

  • opinionfree

    I keep scrolling through the listing photos, wanting to love it. Alas, as in life, it eludes me. Put simply, the floor plan is jacked. The one thing I LOVE about this place (per the listing) is the flipping tax. I live under a rock and know near nothing about the world. However, if this is a tax applied to someone who flips properties for profit, I LOVE IT. From the listing I’m assuming it’s 2%, it should be 50%.

  • Ron

    I could live there. 🙂

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