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  • Al Robinson

    What a REALLY COOL idea!!

    I think that would be so fun to have six floors in a penthouse apartment.
    It has a style of seeming new and old all at the same time.

    I had a friend who lived in a house like that. The downstairs was like a basement, and the middle floors were the bedrooms, and living room, and the top floor was the kitchen with an incredible view of Medicine Lake, in Plymouth, MN.

  • Daniel

    Boring inside and out.

  • Grrrowler

    I would love to have a multi-floor townhouse in New York, just not this townhouse. This is between 91st and 92nd so it’s upper upper Upper East side. Park is still a very busy street in the area, and I wouldn’t want my front door opening right onto it.

    The layout is OK on the lower floors, but the master bedroom level needs some work. Someone walking between the bedroom and sitting room will have no privacy, and there’s no way to enter the bathroom directly from the sitting room. The “penthouse” bedroom is more like a cell with the tiny windows. I don’t understand the front service entrance that then opens directly into the entry vestibule. Is its purpose only to let workers know that they aren’t worthy of entering through the main door?

    The interior simply doesn’t excite me.

  • opinionfree

    I’ll keep it as simple, as the structure. The exterior is butt ugly. The window proportions and configurations are very unflattering. The inclusion of a nonfunctioning balcony sized awing, is visually disturbing and senseless.
    Interior: Picture 6, clearly shows a staircase in the kitchen, as do the blueprints. Alas, it is the staircase to nowhere. Why? It’s just an incredible waste of space. The finishing’s and furnishings are throwaways.

    According to the listing blurb, this is a new structure. That leaves me fraught with questions. If someone was going to undertake so extensive a rebuild, (I’m guessing it is) why not improve the layout? Looking at the choices in finishes, would leave me in fear of what can’t be seen.

    • Grrrowler

      I think the stairway goes up the atrium. It’s not shown on the parlor floor plan, but in the pics you can make it out behind a low cabinet. Still, it seems pointless since the main stairway is not very far in the other direction. It guess it was envisioned as a back stairway, for the kids maybe, in which case it’s still pointless since the kids would need to traipse through the library and living room to get to any higher floor.

      • opinionfree

        I’d wager a dozen donuts, your correct. The staircase in question, is part of the original rear staircase. The new kitchen, is an expansion and addition of space, to the original rear stairs, as is the atrium. The master closet and ascending baths, can be superimposed upon the lower levels, to ascertain the original configuration. I was trying to play tongue n cheek with my original post, they can’t all be winners. That said, it’s still poor visual and spatial design. The omission on the blueprints is bad, really bad.
        As much a pain in the ass, as most of them are, a corner spiral staircase would have been a much better service connection between the kitchen and atrium. Again, just more red flags of poor design, on a very pricey property.


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