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  • Eric

    What is it about LA And the desirer to build these huge Gaudy Gold Gilded Faux-French Facades??? This house looks as if someone read stories about big French mansions, but never actually SAW What the looked like!

    Like most LA Lots it is crammed onto a too-small space with no gardens or space for landscaping.

    It also suffers from “Warehouse Syndrome” Huge flat office like roofs, hard to tell it is a house at all from the air.

    • Sam

      I don’t see an overuse of gilded gold anywhere, and while this house may not be the most authentic of French architecture, I don’t think it’s gaudy or over the top for a house of this size.

      I will admit the interior needs some refreshing. Way too much off-white everywhere and very outdated furniture, but I guess that’s just the faux-French style they were going for.

      As for people mentioning the roof, how much taller does it need to be? It’s not like it looks bad how it is. And does it really matter what the roof looks like from the air? What does it hurt if nobody will ever see it?

      My main point is this is Los Angeles and this style of architecture is obviously popular for upper class homes. If you want pure, authentic, warehouse-roof-less French architecture then go to France.

  • Daniel


  • c

    Eric– You’re clearly not aware of LA height restrictions. The large houses don’t have the typical 8-9 ‘ ceilings, often they have 12’ ceilings and LA has height restrictions on every lot. This is what damages many of LA’s mega-mansions. You hear time and time again, the roof looks too “squat” or not “high enough”… it’s not architects choices, its the height restriction.

  • Grrrowler

    Strip off the hideous over-sized portico, put on a proper mansard roof, and there is hope for the exterior. Unfortunately the only hope for the interior is to completely strip it out and start again.

  • Teddi

    *sigh* I want to like it. It’s certainly not as ostentatiously hideous as other ‘French-inspired’ mansions. But in every room there are some pretty egregious design mistakes. There is much too much that need modifications, most telling is in how dated so many of the spaces look. Had it been properly done, the age of the home wouldn’t be so glaringly obvious.

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