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  • Daniel

    I generally like the exterior and the interior. Has a few of those early 1990s quirks but nothing too terrible.

  • Grrrowler

    I quite like the exterior, both front and back. It looks to be well-done, and well-proportioned. The interior isn’t bad, but it’s really really boring. Some of the spaces are nice, but it’s all very bland. I hate that the nicest space, the French-doored gallery, is marred by the large air return grille in the wall. In this price range, I expect a builder and designer to come up with a more elegant solution for that kind of thing.

  • opinionfree

    Looking at picture 1, I was convinced it was a home from the 1920’s. Surprisingly, it’s from 1991. That’s pretty good.
    The interior, is pure staging. The owner, a professor emeritus, would most definitely have books in the library.

  • Jason

    I like- agree with Daniel that there are circa, 1990s oddities that can be corrected to make it a really nice home.

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